Core/Torso muscles workout

Core/Torso muscles workout

Proper techniques explanations, try best work like so. Until taking a break when you cannot do them: well enough!
1min /Set / exercise

Try do 1 set a day. If you want more training: 2 to 4 sets.

– Sideways Air-Bike [ Standard Air-Bike if too hard to  do well ].

– Sideways 1/4Sit-Up [ however many you do, do then well; & chin fully up ].

– Single Leg-Raises alternated, with Hips-Raised & on tip toes [ Standard Hip-Raises is milder  effort ].

– Russian/Jamaican Double-Twists [ do it feet or 1 foot on the floor if very hard ].

– Legs-Raises & Back-Raises

Stretch at the end of your WorkOut.

Static-Stretching in details

Some Static-Stretching in details

Perform safe & proper Release stretches positions.

1-Ensure to Breathe [ in then out cycles, uninterrupted ].

2-If/when you get Thirsty, drink [ water, fruit juice… ].

3-Apply the stretch pose, so that it is “uncomfortable”[ but NOT “Painful” ].


Hold until all the tight muscles and as many as possible muscles fibers “ease off” that pull/stretch tension.

Ensure you apply the three steps above for the stretch to work: in a helpful way to your flexibility fitness, performance and well-being.

– Sitting double-Hamstrings Static-Self-Stretch [ single leg if too easy ]. Keep your posture at straightest.


– Chests & Neck stretch, keeling or standing.

– Stretches-Combo single sided: Frontal Hips Flexors, then, Transverserse-Abdominum.

– Stretches-Combo single sided: Other side. Frontal Hips Flexors, then, Transverserse-Abdominum.

– Back muscles standing stretch.

Lunges workout

Lunges workout

Perform a safe & proper lunge technique. This can be applied for squats too.

Single exercices technique tutorial
Some more stretching