Each of all my classes, are delivered with the attention given to a “group-personal training” value

( small groups 3-12 participants )! Find below an introduction of the different classes I offer: a complete variety.

And some online reviews ( Yell, Google ) for these classes.

CORE GALORE: Strengthen and tone all core muscles to the max!

A complete core work session, with body-weight. Using a range of equipment and exercises to really strengthen and tone this area.

Focused to aim at the core muscles (abs, back…) above all. Yet also including, the hips & shoulders’ muscles.

Improve your skills in any other sports (running, skiing etc…). Due to having a strong link between your upper and lower body! Advanced group-stretching at the end finally, to balance and restore, posture and muscles.

Beginners and more advanced are both welcome to train at the same time, each at their own level.

Sit-Ups classes

This class can be purchased as a Double class-combo, with PRO Flex. On the same day: Mondays or Wednesdays.

Join us every Monday evenings, or every Wednesday mornings.

Core Galore is a really fun class, also you will leave feeling strong and invigorated!

Fully supervised by a highly experienced and qualified instructor. In contrast, groups of 3-12 people.

Certainly this class will keep you motivated, safe, and apply the best quality exercise techniques.

Core Galore consequently “gives you more” to your everyday Life!


Balanced & strong workout – Variety –  Strengthen posture  – Improve coordination – Reduce injuries

                                                          – Functional Training – H.I.I.T.

P.R.O.F. - Postural Restoration & Optimal Flexibilty - PRO Flex class.

Fintness aims

Classes Stretch PRO Flex

 A class, Balancing out your flexibility & posture. Unwind, relax and re-energise.

PRO Flex: Postural Restoration & Optimal Flexibility.

Complement your every day life routine, your fitness exercise programme, with the PRO Flex class.

Proper Static-Stretching is AS important AS the workout. because muscles stiffen & shorten.

The aim of this class is to:

  • – Relax. Tune your body, mind, and breathing.
  • – Orientated to give you a good posture.
  • – & a better performance.
  • – Re-balance the flexibility of all your body’s muscles.

Relaxing each of your muscle one by one. Engaging a better control on each one of them.

During the session. You will find how each stretch works the best for you & your joints. Learn to tweak your breathing.

Finally, end result: having relieved tension in every muscle. You will benefit from a greater feeling of “outer & inner relaxation”; with greater movements.

As a result, PRO Flex enhances your well being!

Stretching tutorial

  • Small group personal-training classes: 3-12 people.
  • Learn how to stretch: safely and efficiently.
  • Add variety to your routine also, with new stretches. The class’ content will Progress & Vary. So you can experience different stretches as each week goes by.
  • Relaxing surrounding accompanied with calm musics, and essential oils fragrances.

Additional benefits

Enjoy yourself

  • Unwind, relax. Then feel, re-energized!
  • As well improve your balance, your breathing also.
  • Better muscle gain & tone (increasing the blood flow to them, …).

Feel better

  • Reduce effects on painful joints.
  • Prehab on-going injuries.
  • Soothing muscle ‘s ache (after working hard or exercising).
  • Getting the muscles, back to their original length.

Improve your performance

  • Better individual muscle control.
  • Maintain a good range of motion.
  • Furthermore enhance your balance.

This group session is suitable for everyone:

  • Active (ideal after a work out),
  • Inactive people.
  • Injury rehab.
  • Aged adult. Children (parents present).
  • People seeking a greater and balanced flexibility.
  • Pre&Post Natal: please call the instructor before booking.

Fully supervised by a highly experienced and qualified instructor.

Therefore this class will keep you motivated, safe, and apply the best quality exercise techniques.

PRO Flex class – Postural Restoration & Optimal Flexibility.


Weekly variety of routines – Relax – Gain a good posture  – Stretch every muscle  –  Become pain-free

BODY BURN: HIIT alike & full body circuits.

Strengthen all your body’s muscle, challenge your stamina with our circuit class.

This Body-weight class will put your thru your paces.

Although you will manage, to work on every parts of it. Challenge, is hence the result.

  • Balanced and full body workouts, to “shape up” first of all major muscles.

Second of all, a mix of cardio drills.

Furthermore a strong & complete core work.     ..All with a constructive & varied content!

  • At first, a proper and relevant warm up.
  • Advanced quality group-stretching finally, to balance your posture and restore your muscles (10min+).

different classes

This class can be purchased as a Double class-combo, with PRO Flex. On the same day.

Join us every Saturday mornings.

Body Burn is a really fun class, also you will leave feeling strong and invigorated!

Enjoy yourself

All fitness levels are welcome. Beginners and more Advanced are both welcome to train at the same time.

Each at their own level! We will do our best to exercise you appropriately & respectively. We all, can always improve.

The class’ programme will be as well adapted to the weather. So that you don’t get too cold… We will make the best, out of any weather!

  • Enjoy the many benefits, of training outdoor all year long.
  • Also learn to get more from your performance in traditional exercise techniques. Therefore better your coordination, focus, balance, breathing and techniques.
  • Progress this further, even more performance with some Original exercise techniques too!

Get more

Small group-personal training of 3-12 people; in contrast to busy classes. Experienced PT.

Certainly this class will keep you motivated, safe plus warm.

While applying the best quality exercise techniques, for maximum results!

Body Burn invigorates the start of your week end!


Feel “the burn” – Variety – H.I.I.T. –  Strengthen posture  – Functional training – Professional warm down


Team work is essential in both cases. Efficiency of the team is improved by it’s health and by working together. This is where Rainbow Fitness can assist you.

Also possible to deliver at work, or a pre-arranged venue.


Sports Teams: additional specific conditioning (to your teams needs) training. Professional flexibility fitness, stamina fitness boost, complex Core work… as well as functional training.


Tailored quote, please contact us. In order to discuss the type of sessions and the special rates we can offer you.

CARDIO FIT: Stamina, Running, Techniques - on movements & breathing -

Improve and challenge your Running techniques. Including core stability work.

  • Tone up and shape up to sculpt yourself a stronger body. Above all, areas to sharpen your stamina.
  • Then, challenge your comfort zone safely. Where advanced and beginners are both welcome to build up their strength, stamina and flexibility. >>> Therefore find something new, in your exercise routine.
  • Fun: friendly, chilled atmosphere, dynamic and varied too. Really good fun with friends also.
  • Maintain active habits, while certainly improving your overall fitness and technique!
  • Chose to train indoor or outdoor comparatively.
  • Burn calories (assist “weight” control), furthermore enhance Metabolic rate and Energy.

Cardio Fit and Run classes:

  • Stamina run, relevant to the level of the class and to the participants. Note: some classes are aimed for all levels & some for advanced. Another reason the cardio Fit classes include other exercises than just running. Fully tackling all aspects of stamina exercising. Breathing control, how to avoid injuries, also building a stronger output.
  • Running techniques drills to improve your performance.
  • Core work, again to improve your performance too.
  • Advanced quality group-stretching to restore your muscles’ balance finally.

different Runner'Stride

BODY SHAPE BOOST: High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT -

!!New!! Intense session to boost your looks, improving strength tone & posture.


All fitness levels are welcome in this 1h10min Body Shape Boost class.

-Shape up your abs, back, hips & shoulders also. Resulting in a “Torso Fit” looks.

-Improve your posture & flexibility, as well as strength & muscle tone!

Summer & Winter body shaping.

Please be in touch to confirm attendance: class on booking for new attendees.

toned boost


Workout classes £7. Flexibility fitness & CV fitness classes £9.
All classes less costly with a class-pack.