Fitness means aptitude, to be able to. Here are different fitness levels that we can attend:

  • Appearance: maintain your toned shapes, don’t fall back!
  • Commodity: cruise through your everyday life.
  • Cardiovascular fitness: ability to intake, transport and utilise O2 (dioxygene) in our system. Improve your stamina.
  • Muscular flexibility: ability to take a joint through its full natural range of motion.
  • Muscular endurance: ability to overcome a “load” repetitively.
  • Muscular strength: ability to overcome a very heavy “load” once or a few times.
  • Motor skills: Agility, Balance, Coordination, Reaction time, Speed, Power (overcome resistance at speed).

There could be more:

  • Postural fitness: a good posture through out your life.
  • Proprioception fitness: improved sense of Balance.
  • Muscular activation technique: Engaging the right muscle(s) at full efficiency.



It is important for us both to identify which areas to work on.


Focusing appropriately on the required fitness levels you need at the time. Join me for working & lasting results.

 Try out a healthier body & lifestyle that fits you!