Our values revolve around you, downsthe'Park Rainbow

simply because it is you who we care for.

Rainbow fitness’ mottos are: safety and quality come first.


Like the seven colours of the rainbow,

our values adhere to the same spectrum:


At Rainbow fitness we are not judgemental, no matter what your present physicality is or where you are from. We accept you as you are.


We deliver the service(s) you contract us for. Delivery of sessions are done highly professionally: in quality and with good mood, a smile, plus plenty of positive ness.

Local professionals’ network (optional): different, good-professionals from the health industry, can be suggested. Only if you wish them to, help provide best results in your training.


Your personal information and training progress stay confidential while we operate under the DPA.

You are always in control of all our work with you. Trust & honesty are key.

Self control:

Safety first: Rainbow fitness’ refined attention to details will provide you with the most appropriate moves, postures and techniques during your sessions so you get the most out of your exercise while exercising in the safest way in regards to your current health.


Past and present is our way forward; as we will combine old and new techniques/exercises, to improve your fitness results and goals. Variety, with a colourful way to reach your goals.


We will keep our word; every minute spent with us will get you that step closer to your goals, and to what we agreed.


Our friendly and fun attitude will give you an uplifting experience. Achieving in your fitness’ progress with a positive & constructive manner. Our sessions, each aim to make you feel better.