nilHi there, I am Neil-Olivier MacSween.

Here’s some information about me and some of the things I like doing. So you can understand my personal passion and ideas behind my workout programmes. Plus my motivation on flexibility fitness.

I grew up and lived for many years in France, I lived in Bristol for 16years. Vibrant & sportive city, where Rainbow Fitness was born. Both like Life, has so much to offer.
I now live in South-West France, Montauban, where I daily still do WebCam work with people from Bristol & GBr.

What I like to discover in my clients, is their ambition and drive. I am very much a people person. We are all unique and different in our own ways. So I look for the positive aspects in people, understanding them also is important. If they have ambitions, goals, or even fears. I want to try to help them with their chosen focus. Anything is possible!

I thrive on being busy and as active as possible. My biggest passion lies with understanding and communicating with people from different walks of life.

about fitness

I have been practicing martial arts for many years. The main reason why I continue to do so, is because I enjoy pushing my body hard and working my mind at the same time. They have many benefits that I go for: strength and control, following a code of conduct and learning to show respect & improving overall fitness. Also practical, if required, is the added security of self-defence …

I am constantly looking to improve my knowledge and expertise. For many years I have practiced Judo ( 1st.Dan black belt ) and Ju-Jitsu, followed by Kung Fu and Kickboxing.
I greatly enjoy taking part in other activities such as cycling, running, squash, I relish participating to every sport scuba diving ( PADI ), paintballing, snowboarding and more conventional sports.

I am keen to learn, and love improving my knowledge. Anatomy, physiology, well-being, healing, technique and the Martial Arts. I am always working on improving my performances to achieve a Personal Best. Or at least stay close to that”PB”

Founder of the ” PRO Flex classes “. At first this class was brought up to fill a missing part of physical fitness: Flexibility fitness. It still fills this gap in the spectrum of all classes. Despite being unique, this class incorporates many elements. Which are:

– Mixed ages & flexibility levels. A very specific, order and choice of stretches, for a realistic result. Weekly progression of the same stretches ( can include variations to a stretch of the week before ) with new ones.
-Plus, introducing variety with different stretches weekly. Always stretching every muscles of the body. Balancing-out the stretches intensity on opposing sides.
-The list doesn’t end here, expl: all stretches performed, are to be with minimum physical effort. The use of a good but thorough posture …

In every session, I aim to make each moment unique and enjoyable for my clients:

– An area to clear their mind. Recharge their inner-energy and positivity.

– My main priority is technique quality & finesse. Making certain that the clients exercise safely, but fully within their own actual capabilities.

Along side feeling great, yet also a realistic sense of achievement.

  Try out a healthier body & lifestyle that fits you!