Specialized in Flexibility & muscles activation. both to up your well-being and also improving your physical performances.

My use of: Muscular Activation Technique [m.a.t.] & of Advance Stretching; enables you to get the most of your performance.

Each one assist you in: Engaging the right muscle(s) at full efficiency. ‘& Balancing out your range of motion (muscles & joints), gaining more adaptation and control over muscular extensions (movements, stretches…).


These two Specialties will also: Enhance your well-being & performance. As they work “hand in hand”.

– Gain a better understanding from within, of your body; therefore more control over:  your body & mind (neuro-muscular connections, proprioception, introspection, stretch-reflexes …).

– Reducing also a lot your risks of injury (when using incorrectly, other muscles: wrong “movement of compensating muscles”) when building up your physical aspects, along side with your mental perception of movements.

– A better & stronger posture.

Our first focuses are Safety and Quality:

  • You will learn how to workout without injuring yourself over time & in the best ways regarding your personal health situation. Understanding some of the many”needs” of your body.
  • Despite everyone’s different fitnesses’ levels, you will work them out with the best quality to your own level: getting the most from each moves of your work out!

I also always focus on delivering: Fun, professional sessions, with a loads of constructive motivation.


Personal packages, our flexibility is a key ingredient.

I will also be pleased to just meet you, talk together to find the best ways for you to Progress, your goals, with Rainbow Fitness. Packaged in a realistic manner for you.

You will get a free quote for a fully tailored package, that also fits your budget. Later in time, a package that can still adapt, to your situation then!

Every age and any level of fitness are welcome, message me.

Get into a healthy lifestyle that fits you!


The way our packages work is simple: 1- it is first tailored around you. Choosing the right combination of sessions’ Type.  2- The more sessions you take, further discount you receive. So any of our services you wish to include, the more you choose to take, the less you pay! At Rainbow Fitness, we are proud to be able to fit to your budget as closely as we can.

Extra flexibility: every month (or so), we can review if you wish to continue this tailored package; or on how to structure &  adapt your personal package for realistic results.


So now just think about some goals you wish to reach, and get in touch with me to reach your desired objectives!

Giving results, in a realistic delivery!


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