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 Personal Well-Being  –  Nutrition  –  Rei-ki Energy Massage  –

Martial-Arts Training  –  Coaching & Goals Setting  –  Meditation.


Simply reach well-being:

Develop a new routine that fits you!

Use natural methods and products.

A closer Introspection of your Physical-self, a better understanding ( & control) of your body.
Increase both your relaxation & performance!






Life Style Coaching & goals management:

Of course it is harder to change just by yourself. Attitude & winning mindset are key to reaching your goals, contact us for a tailored quote. Step by step coaching, to a healthier lifestyle that fits you.




wellbeingRelaxation & ReiKi: Energy massage.

Relaxing & restoring your body; peaceful & calming for the mind.

Book yourself a session.

Fully qualified practitioner therapist &  master.

Licensed with the UK ReiKi Federation.




  Any health & fitness training goals are welcome at Rainbow Fitness:

I will fully tailor the sessions to you, fitting into a healthier you!

Lets get in touch.


  • Find help, guidance and information for you to understand and manage better your nutrition. Beneficial for you and the whole family.

Practical information on the mechanics between foods and our body: nutritional consultations.

Can even include a “Healthy supermarket tour”, “food diary” calories calculation of your weekly food intakes.

  • Have a professional help you tailor your new meals as you progress.

Are there some habits you would like to change or amend? But you are finding it really difficult to do so. It is always easier when you are not alone.

Nutritional advices, to assist you progressively, tweak your nutritional needs. Have a professional help you tailor your new meals as you progress.




Martial arts Training:

techniques & values.

Kick boxing,  Judo (& Ju-jitsu),

Boxing: techniques & values.

Enquire for your tailored One to one,

or your small private group-personal training.

Outdoors in a Park at your convenience, indoors at blackboy Hill Dojo

This session can also include: CardioVascular Coaching, body-weight circuits, balanced stretching.

Working all in one: your focus, stamina, muscles & flexibility!



Meditation: we can make time for you to find ways to meditate.

Initiations to relaxing by meditation are welcome.

Improve your cardio fitness & breathing at the same time!

Communicate your interest in meditating.