Warm down in such serenity, with quality stretches: clear your mind while restoring the balance of all your muscle.

Recover your body’s full potentials.


One of the most miss-understood concept in the Sports’ industry, is flexibility. With Rainbow Fitness, stretching is always regarded as importantly as your work out. As it is now with the Elite sportsperson & athletes.

 Benefit from a qualified & experienced stretches specialist, to reach a better well-being;

original uplifting experience and unique in its approaches.



Tailored flexibility sessions: “Relax & Release” sessions.



Good stretching can help all of us for many things:

  • balance_strip'Returning your muscle to it’s original length (after exertion, our muscles lose some of their range of motion). Plus improve the blood & lymphatic circulations, which help to repair your muscles. And even more for the health of your whole body!
    In addition, muscles won’t ache so much after working out.
  • Soothing pains in joints, reducing pressures on joints by rehabilitating muscular and articular postures.
  • Reducing injuries risks and improving performance with better neuromuscular control (sharpening your sensorial sense on your proprioceptors level: muscular, tendinous, bone, articular).
  • Amplify your body’s flexibility for a better well-being. Also sharpen-up how you calm both: mind & body.
  • Better your balance, consequently your mobility also!