Relax & Release sessions

even it out_Unwind with a range of stretches performed for you by a specialist.

Suitable for: medical injury rehab & prehab, soothing muscle aches from after exercising, helps muscle’s growth. Also reaching a higher level and quality of stretching that isn’t possible when self-stretching.

This product has been designed for clients who only wish to unwind and to work out their body’s tightness or pains.

Great to: relax, take away muscle pains or even improve your flexibility and range of motion.

Relax and Release sessions, balance out your flexibility.

It is structured in three parts:

  • An easy and low-impact dynamic-stretch to warm your muscle up and prepare them the rest of the session
  • A quality assisted stretch routine to relax every muscle one by one, working on your flexibility and reaching a higher level of stretching
  • This particular technique will allow you to ease off the pain on joints caused by irregular tightness’ of muscle. Also it will be very relaxing as all you have to do is lay-back & let go
  • A gentle massage (optional) to help release further muscle tension

Optional features to this service: Relaxing music, essential oils sented ambiance, tailored self-stretch routine.

This product has three aims:

  • A pampering and relaxing experience taking away muscle’ ache.
  • Reduce, maybe banish soars joints (back, knee etc…)
  • Up sporting performances: improve & balance range of motion; finally gaining more control over each muscle individually.

During the session the client is of course if full control of how deep each stretch is applied. This service is really safe and will not cause any injuries (or any further injuries to current ones).

The therapist is fully qualified, insured, skillful and very experienced.

Additional benefits to the service:

  • Learning new stretches to add variety
  • Learning self-stretches that really work for each different individual
  • A possible follow up and additional materials (stretch sheets, stretch matrixes …), so that the stretches taught are tailored to the lifestyle/exercise programme of the client
  • Learning how to stretch properly and efficiently
  • Help with rehab work after and injury


£35 for 45minutes

£50 for 1.5 hour

Delivery: at your home (location within Bristol), 1to1 or 2to1. Call us to quote.

Treatment room at: The Exercise Club, 213 White Ladies Rd, BS8 2XS, Clifton.

Block bookings can be agreed with the therapist.

Original uplifting experience & unique in Bristol.