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Body fats / weight loss

I would like to openly thank Neil and Rainbow Fitness as he has really helped and still helping me with my new life style approach and in gaining real results for my plan in getting fit again.

I have been training with Neil for few months now and since I have started I have lost 20kg (3.2stones) and my fitness level has considerably improved.

I have always been quite sporty but I have also been in competitions with diets and weight loss for almost all my life.

Neil has not just shown me how to do the exercises properly but he has actually changed my attitude and approach to sport. He has made sport fun and entertaining. He has taken away the boringness of the gym by introducing me to the outdoor space where I have been able to enjoy exercising while looking at the blue of the sky, appreciating the soft touch of the grass underneath my shoes, having fun looking at cute dogs around and most important breath in the fresh air. I have also got a tan for free :).

Neil has followed me through all these months with patience, caring approach and with a friendly and fun attitude. He has encouraged me during and after training, praised me for my achievements but also pushed me towards higher and harder levels by make me understand and shown me that is not impossible, showing me that anything is possible but pretty much is all about our mind-set.

If you will decide to start training with Neil and Rainbow Fitness, and I really recommend you to do so, you will not just find a personal trainer but above all a passionate, keen, expert, fun and friendly instructor that will follow you through your personal program, re teaching you how to perform at the highest of your level in a safe and approachable way with loads of fun and smile upon your face.

Basically you will want to come back for more sweat 🙂 because you have loved it.

∼ Julie, Bristol ∼

Toning up

Since I have joined Rainbow Fitness, I have managed to return in a regular routine of exercising. The exercises were adapted to my current level and got more challenging in time.

I gave myself eleven weeks to tone up and give more definition to my muscle. I am pleased to say that my goals were reached in time. Now I am still maintaining a  weekly routine of exercising.

While training in a fun way, I discovered the quality of assisted stretches and found enjoyment to training outdoors too. I am pleased with Neil’s ways to teach and the time spent with him.

∼ Helen C., Bristol ∼

Thanks again for the results and the great, inspiring, motivational sessions to date.

∼ Kathryn S., Bristol ∼

5 days until Miami and Neil has worked wonders for me! Plus my knee is fixed, great PT I highly recommend!

∼ Sam B., Bristol ∼

With pregnancy

I have been training with Neil since February 2011, from that time I was also pregnant. Throughout the nine months, Neil introduced me excellently in allowing for the pregnancy to take place safely while maintaining my fitness levels.

Neil is a very good instructor, he uses good techniques, a warm up, a warm down and the stretching is excellent. He varies the training, keeping it safe, interesting: it doesn’t get boring. I would definitely recommend Neil as a fitness instructor. After the birth, my fitness has increased since I started training again with Neil.

∼ Marie Williams, Bristol ∼

Improving sports’ performances

Control, coordination, agility and other aspects are key to beat your personal best.

I employed Rainbow Fitness initially to support my long-distance running training. Neil helped me focus my personal goals, channel my breathing and prepare for 1/2 marathon race-day expectations. I have continued my PT sessions with Rainbow Fitness because I want to stay focused and improve my general fitness levels.

Neil offers a range of exciting cardio activities such as boxing and core-body workouts that tests your agility and keeps you mentally and physically stimulated. Neil’s boundless charisma is contagious: I always leave my sessions feeling uplifted and ready to push harder next time!

∼ Holly Wicks, Bristol ∼

The last time I trained for an off-road marathon I suffered from various injuries which meant frequent trips to the physio and other specialists.

This time I was determined to get to the finish line without any injuries.

I was expecting to finish this “Coastal Marathon” in more than 5hours, in the end completed it in 4h40minutes! I really enjoyed all my training sessions and remained injury free.

Thank you Neil – I couldn’t have done it without you.

∼ Danny, Bristol ∼

With the training sessions I have had with Neil I have really noticed a huge improvement in both my fitness and more generally in my abilities on my bike during competitions.

I can’t recommend Neil enough as a fitness coach, he is a very friendly, positive and supportive trainer who will make a positive impact on anyone who wants to improve their cycling or fitness in general.

∼ Oliver I., Bristol ∼

Strength training

Efficiency, power and muscle endurance: don’t only come with good maintenance and increasing strength offsets; full and appropriate control makes a difference.

I always considered Personnel Trainers (PT) to be something of an indulgence but I turned 40 this year and decided to ‘treat’ myself to some sessions with Neil.

I have always been pretty sporty but have never done much strength training, Neil did a thorough job of assessing my flexibility, fitness and strength before coming up with a program for me. He puts a big emphasis on flexibility which is something I liked as I practice Yoga and therefore did not want to lose flexibility though weight training.

The main thing I learned from Neil is that its not the amount of weight that matters but the quality of the exercise. I still find it amusing when I work out now, when some people are struggling and swinging heavy dumbbells about; when I am getting a perfectly good and balanced workout with a very light set of dumbbells. As Neil showed me, it is all about “how” we use our muscle.

I’d recommend Neil if you are looking for a PT that has a balanced approach to training – fitness, Strength and flexibility. PT’s are expensive but my experience was a positive one and you will learn a lot in only a few months of training with Neil.

∼ Dylan, Bristol ∼

Group sessions

A good balance of fun & quality; a mix of challenging & easier exercises, thus efficient in their results.

Really enjoy Neill’s Saturday mornings sessions, 10-11.30. Rain or shine, on the Downs in the open air. But I must say, nearly always the weather is kind to us, and I have been doing it for more than a year now. It makes me feel really virtuous on a Saturday! Neill is an excellent, enthusiastic, coach.

∼ Christine C., Bristol ∼

Cheers for the great stretching classes the last few months Neil – injury free and feeling fit.

∼ Nick G., Bristol ∼

Flexibility and muscle activation in warm ups

The venue is Ashton Court in Bristol at the start of the Stroke Association’s Resolution Run 2013.  The brisk wind is making it feel like 5 below freezing. Neil from Rainbow Fitness is taking an enthusiastic approach to warming the muscle of the participants before they set off for a hilly 5, 10 or 15 Kilometre run.  Neil’s warm up routine is comprehensive and very considered.  Participants are encouraged not to push too hard during the warm up but to keep moving and stretching to the funky music and Neil’s dulcet French accent!

Rachel Wilson, Cafe2U Bristol North

Very many thanks for your support of the Run.  Your attendance was appreciated and I thought that the warm up went very well.

∼ Andrew S., Race Coordinator ∼

I  wanted to thank you and your team, for making race day in September so great! All the feedback I received from our runners: were about your warm ups, warm downs and the massage therapists.

∼ Sal M., Charity Runners Organiser ∼

Thank you so much for coming along on Saturday to our Rainbow Run, you were a real hit!

∼ Claire E., Charity Runners Coordinator & Race Coordinator ∼

We would love to have you back as part of the race organisation next year.

∼ Alessandra A., Charity Runners Organiser ∼

I just want to say thank you again for your help, I was so pleased to hear that the women were lovely to you and that you gave loads of good advice and stretches including myself.

∼ Maria D’C, Event Coordinator ∼

Thank you so much for your support with our runners at Ashton Court Run 10k!

∼ Courtney C., Charity Runners Organiser ∼

Flexibility and controlled movements

Neil was my Personal Trainer for 5 weeks or so at Lilleshall in 2010. I found him to be confident in his ability and knowledgeable in his subject. I am 62 years old and apart from playing golf 2/3 times a week had not done any strenuous physical exercise for 30 years.

Neil recognised my potential for improvement and was instrumental in helping me to reduce my weight by a couple of stones and in improving my general fitness, enabling me to do 20 minutes interval training on the bike, cross trainer or rolling road. Before long I was pushing 280Kg on the leg press.

Neil stressed the importance of good stretching after exercise, particularly essential after pushing out the big weights,  he was particularly adept at “Assisted Stretching” encouraging good breathing whilst holding in the core. We made good progress in improving my hip, calf and hamstring flexibility and improved my capacity for turning my shoulders correctly in my golf swing.

Many thanks Neil for your help in putting my body back on track and may I wish you every success in your career as a Personal Trainer.

I have been having personal training with Neil for the past few months and in such a competitive market full of options I would highly recommend his sessions to anyone.

∼ John Tomlinson, Newport, Shropshire ∼

He takes a personal interest in your goals and objectives and tailor makes programmes accordingly.  He clearly knows his stuff and was able to offer a training plan and price plan suited to my needs helping to change my gym routines to make them much more effective. Also my muscle are more flexible and it feels great!

∼ Rob B., Bristol ∼

Reducing pain and improving range of motion

Thanks for your help Rainbow! I followed the suggestions, and although they were really tough and painful at first, slowly but surely I eased into them as advised. I am feeling much better now and have returned back to work and light sport! Great service and thank you.

∼ Jon ∼

Before I started training with Neil, I couldn’t sleep as my back was so bad. I knew I had do something about it as I had no quality of life and wasn’t sleeping.  I was in pain all the time, so Neil Started working with me: on my core muscle and the stretching was so good. Over time my back got better it was nice to have more movement

Its easy to see that Neil has a passion for what he does: he really enjoys it. I’ve never felt rushed, it would go really quickly and you get more than hour. I love training outside, even through winter it was good to be outside: it would lift my mood and my sleep improved. I would recommend him as he can work with any number of  things. Thanks.

∼ Heidi ∼

5 days until Miami and Neil has worked wonders for me! Plus my knee is fixed, great PT highly recommend!

∼ Sam B., Bristol ∼

Motivational coaching

Neil visited our school and gave fitness sessions to 3 slightly ‘unmotivated’ ladies initially.

However as the sessions progressed we learnt to enjoy each session more and felt our fitness definitely improved. Our sessions varied in activities so we never became bored.

Neil is a great coach who is patient, doesn’t shout but encourages you to push yourselves. I would recommend his sessions to anyone wanting to get fitter!

∼ Mandy C., Long Ashton ∼

Neil takes into account your ability and restrictions. As I had some postural distortions Neil ensured that he prescribed exercises to best suit and help alleviate this problem.
In addition to this he helped me build a routine that took into account my level of fitness and my exercise preferences.
This motivated me to turn up for the PT sessions as there was always variety in exercises and I was instructed to do my preferred exercises that worked certain muscle groups and brought about the same benefits as those that I did not enjoy doing
Moreover….as I have done anatomy and physiology myself
I could relate to what Neil was explaining to me and felt confident in the knowledge that Neil knows his stuff.

∼ Tehseen M., Bristol ∼